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Originally posted on Blog Ya Takondwa:
It’s 4pm EST. Sheila Chukwulozie sits in an old library at Amherst college. At first glance, you would think that she is working at her computer, writing a paper for her Africa Folk Opera class. Eventually, however, you will notice that she is making slightly pained, hissing sounds as she…


Was Lupita Nyongo’s “beauty” a personal struggle or social award?

Lupita Nyong’O said, “you cant eat beauty,” but today, beauty sure does affect how much you eat. The problem is that this beauty is not a personal struggle: Though we might struggle till we become beautiful, that resolution comes from the endorsement of those with the power to do so. What can we observe about Lupita Nyong’O’s hollywood journey to think deeply about how we label beauty before it is fed to us on magazine covers?


OBR and Global Movements: Did you rise for justice?

But, the woman’s body has been a site for a lot of trauma. Our experiences vary because every movement is coded from birth by culture so we cannot possibly combat violence by flashmobbing our way through Valentine’s day, or whatever else we would like to call it. I would like to take my body back- I don’t have to say “vagina” for that, hopefully. Dancing would be nice, but maybe some exercises first so I can protect myself.