Miley The Movement

In class we discussed the self awareness and intentionality of Miley Cyrus’ recent transformation and behavior. Here is the documentary where she talks about why this is her time and what exactly she is doing. The documentary is pretty short so give it a watch. Do you feel the documentary and her explanation brought anymore…

Media’s Censorship of Female Bodies

Censorship of female bodies represents the hate and distrust we have towards female bodies. In censoring female bodies across the media, we continue to constrain women within society; it’s society’s attempt to keep “femaleness” within set definitions and ideals.

Judging Miley

“I don’t know if [Miley Cyrus’] image has been created on her own accord or whether someone is telling her that’s what sells in the music industry. But at the same time it’s her body and she can do what she likes…”