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What Do Women Want? (Video Essay)

At some point I said: “It frustrates me that just about every movie featuring a lead woman feels obligated to introduce a romantic interest at some point, even if it’s completely superfluous to plot and character or even contradictory.”


Unlearning the Truths

After Diana starts a fight to defend her brother in Girlfight,  she’s told, “guess you never learned how to be a lady”. This line resonated in my mind, and not just because comments like these are instrumental in reinforcing gender roles. The comment struck me because it sounded so much like the “be a lady” comments…

Girlfight and Threats to Masculinity

What I love about the movie “Girlfight” is that Diana’s priorities are so refreshingly different from women in other movies.  From the beginning of the film, we know that she is badass, but when she and Adrian become involved, I worried that she would start prioritizing him over boxing and winning.  At the climax of…

Girlfight: Diana and Adrian

In class we discussed the purpose of Diana and Adrian’s romance in the movie Girlfight. Most people were understandably annoyed that a movie staring a woman had to center on romance once again. Isn’t there more to a young girl’s life than who she’s crushing on this week? And shouldn’t her journey towards empowerment be…