Apps for Women: My period just got fancy

For the past week or so, I have been living with a group of female friends in Boston. It is a wonderful household of five women and I am pretty sure they just threw off my period- right after I had mastered how my body around that time of the month. So yesterday I proceeded to complain about the abundance of hormones in the house and my friend said, “I think you threw mine off too. My P-tracker says it should be here… but it ain’t.”

And that’s when I got introduced to the app.


She has probably mentioned it before because she’s used it for awhile now, but after taking Digital Feminisms last semester, I am much more attentive to tech stuff and how they are-or can be- integrated into my life as a woman.

Customers seem to find it extremely helpful and customizable.


My friend loves it, says it can send private reminder messages. (but she’s not trying those because she is very paranoid about someone other than her seeing the reminder.)

What (for women) apps have you tried and liked?


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