Reflections after watching The Other Woman

Kate (Leslie Mann) basically forces her husband’s lovers to cooperate. Kate is a crazy woman, but the too-depressed-to-get-out-of-bed or the cry-into-his-phone-asking-why crazy; she’s crazy about the other women sleeping with him. She stalks them, she forces friendship and sees the combined group as a unity.
I’m certain that someone else in the interwebs will write about why the man cheats and the women get together and go crazy. So let’s not go there now. But I’ve been thinking about two things with this movie.

Apps for Women: My period just got fancy

I just got introduced to an app that helps you track your period.

How is tech integrated into our lives as women?

Re-making Rosemary’s Baby: I am totally overthinking this

I should be slightly ashamed to say this but when I was told the film was about a woman who is carrying a devil’s child, I asked “This was by a white woman?” Mia Farrow was cast in the 1968 movie. The entire time I watched it, I kept saying “Oh mehn.. they gonna make a woman of color do this shit?” The whole carry-Satan’s-baby after-rape-by-blue-eyed-devil business seems more real and more dangerous when you cast a black woman for the role. And by dangerous, I mean everyone is going to be looking at the black woman like she actually does have potential of giving birth to Satan’s spawn. In real life. Or am I just over thinking this?

Race & Art: Why someone said Iggy Azalea runs Hip-Hop

Originally posted on EmoART:
I came across the soundtrack of the Panther movie called Freedom and the opening scene stayed with me. Imagine, Eight dark skinned females facing Five dark skinned males. Six of them have afros of different sizes ranging from small to explosive. Three of them stand with children in their arms or on their hips while…

On Facebook, I like pictures not people.

Originally posted on Being Honest:
These ALA throwbacks have actually taught me a lot. The most important lesson is that not everybody looks at these pictures the same way. I mean how can we? While some people laughed their heads off at those pictures, others felt a little uneasy at the regurgitation of their past.…


“The way the world looks at me is definitely not aligned with my intention of myself and therefore, its power is not reaffirmed for I feel no feelings of subjugation to it.” This is a fantastic read on the background to the #iamnotmyprofilepicture movement happening. It is also an insight as to how critical thinking…