Frozen and Empowered Women

Fairy tales have never been a good representation of women. It’s always the same story: a young princess is miserable and has to eventually be married to a prince and then she has her ‘happily ever after’. However, Disney seems to be challenging the traditional fairy tale in their new movie: “Frozen” which features two strong female characters who are able to take fate into their own hands.

Translation and Meaning in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

There’s a lot to talk about in this movie- the gender dynamics between Jen, Mu Bai, and Shu Lien, the utterly fascinating and contradictory character of Jen herself, etc. But what interests me most of all is the fact that this film was, obviously, not written or filmed in English. Personally I had the strange…

Who Owns Blaxploitation?

When I was watching Foxy Brown, I hated the villains. I hated them. They were pantomime baddies gone wild; incredibly sadistic, ruthless, and bigoted. While watching, I could tell the screenwriters had taken special care to make them loathsome; there was Katherine’s Southern accent (telling us that she’s privileged and haughty, as well as evoking…

Chocolat – a non-bad-ass hero

A few weeks ago, I watched the movie Chocolat, which had been much recommended to me previously. I was definitely taken with the premise, which had a woman who completely changed an ultra-religious French town from the inside out. And while the woman might not seem particularly powerful at first, I realized later just how much power she held in the little town.