Girl Power and Homosexuality

Recently I realized that our class discussions of Girl Power were nearly devoid of any talk of homosexuality.  While we watched a few movies with lesbian characters or sexual activity between women and a handful of blog posts touched upon lesbianism or sexual orientation, there was very little discussion of how homosexuality (specifically non-heterosexual female…


While reading the post “My Problem with Rashida’s Tweet: #stopactinglikewhores”, I started thinking about the word ‘whore’. Is there really anything wrong with being a whore? By whore I mean the most basic connotation of the word, a person who receives currency in exchange for performing a deed of a certain sexual nature.

Strip Clubs and Dollar Bills

In an odd way, Rihanna’s ‘Pour It Up’ could be seen as an independent woman/girl power anthem. Rihanna sings about doing all of the things that she wants and still having money afterward.

Obsessional inversion

I’m still having slight difficulties understanding all that Lacan meant by “obsessional inversion” in his essay “The Mirror Stage as Formative.” With the smartphone and its many cameras, I can’t imagine how much deeper he could have gone with his theories. One of the most interesting areas of discussion would probably be these mirror selfies…