The Miley Cyrus “Lookbook”

What does it say about a culture that provides its people with women’s bodies that are not only so readily accessible, but are also so easily broken apart and removed from the whole person?

Miley The Movement

In class we discussed the self awareness and intentionality of Miley Cyrus’ recent transformation and behavior. Here is the documentary where she talks about why this is her time and what exactly she is doing. The documentary is pretty short so give it a watch. Do you feel the documentary and her explanation brought anymore…

Guest Post: Hashtag Feminism

I recently re-entered the world of (Black) Twitter, and was quickly greeted with a new form of communication and activism taking the feminist of color Twitterverse by storm–hashtag activism/feminism. The first example of this new form of activism was possibly this summer’s response to the news of Paula Deen‘s racism. Titled “#PaulasBestDishes,” a hashtag started…

You are twenty, you are a woman.

I feel truly terrible because half the time, my aunt and other relatives do not mean any harm. James Scott, author of “Domination and the Arts” explained that often the subalterns-the subordinate group- often participate in their own subjugation as a strategy chosen over resistance. Though you might have to step away from the famous David and Goliath anecdote, it makes perfect sense. And think about it, David could have easily died. If he did not have the power of God (we are sticking to the original script here), I can imagine that he would have easily died; he had no military training, poor equipment and no backup. If you were David’s friend you would have called him stupid, careless, rebel without a cause? And that’s exactly what James Scott is saying. Resistance, which has a philanthropic and heroic ring to it, is not the choice of the soldier who fights and runs away so he can fight another day…in his own way. Especially is he/she has female children doomed for subordination without the strategy to protect themselves. As Scott says, such ideas of social appropriation are passed down and sometimes forced upon offspring (like me)for their own safety.

Lily Allen’s “Hard Out Here”

At the end of the day, the music video is a medium for entertainment and “Hard Out Here” is not exempt. Lily Allen reproduces sexist tropes in an effort to maybe educate, but more so, to entertain. With all of the video’s hype, Allen reinforces, rather than subverts, the value of female bodies in popular culture, especially in the music industry.

Teams and Slut Shaming

One of the really difficult things about being a woman at this college is the dynamic of athletic teams.  When a girl hooks up with someone on a men’s team, the whole team feels licensed to make a judgment of her character.  The man, of course, gets off scot-free.  I have friends who have turned…