Frozen and Empowered Women

Fairy tales have never been a good representation of women. It’s always the same story: a young princess is miserable and has to eventually be married to a prince and then she has her ‘happily ever after’. However, Disney seems to be challenging the traditional fairy tale in their new movie: “Frozen” which features two strong female characters who are able to take fate into their own hands.

G.I. Jane: “Empowering” Language

Here, I’m interested in the thinking about the language that finally brings O’Neill’s moment of “empowerment” in G.I. Jane.

Empowerment in Enough

One movie that has really got me thinking this semester about women’s empowerment has been Enough.  I think this is partially because of the role of domestic abuse in the film. In the beginning of the film Enough, Slim plays the role of a stereotypical woman.  Indeed, the only we way we can truly individualize…

Girlfight: Diana and Adrian

In class we discussed the purpose of Diana and Adrian’s romance in the movie Girlfight. Most people were understandably annoyed that a movie staring a woman had to center on romance once again. Isn’t there more to a young girl’s life than who she’s crushing on this week? And shouldn’t her journey towards empowerment be…

Am I the Chosen One?

I’ve seen The Matrix about four times, and to me it just keeps getting better and better. However, after theorizing the movie, I experienced an extreme range of emotions, from total empowerment to utter revulsion. I’ll share with you my negative impressions first to get them out of the way. What struck me almost immediately…