Interpellation at its finest?

Below is a link to an interesting article.For all fellow fans of Jezebel and similar clubs, we are featured as deeply insecure and unfemale.
I am leaving it open, that is,refraining from trying to write an objective post because it will ultimately be subjective.
I hope you can judge it for yourself, not reactively, but maybe analytically because I think he represents an important demographic within this discourse.

Bon appetit!

5 thoughts on “Interpellation at its finest?

  1. That post is pretty upsetting and I disagree with most of his points. Not only do I disagree with him but I find him condescending, arrogant, and rude. I did find his response post pretty fascinating which he called “How I Became the Most Hated Man on the Internet”
    This post was interesting because he showed all the violent responses he received from women. He claims the reason women reacted this way is because they are psychologically damaged narcissists. He also links to an article that links increase in women on antidepressants to feminism. Obviously I disagree with his claims but it is interesting to be exposed to such a different and inflammatory opinion.

  2. Wow. This article is exactly the kind of thing I was afraid of encountering in this class. I’m so completely appalled I don’t think I will ever be able to respond to this without some sort of death threat. (I hope that’s not out of line)

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