Female Lawyers and Women in Technology

While 47% of law degrees awarded in 2012 were to females and women comprised 45% of associate positions in private practices, women only make up 15% of “the equity-partner level—the highest position at a law firm where partners have actual ownership of the firm”.

Hands in Bound

The more we spoke about hands in the Wachowskis’ film Bound, the more we began to think of hands as independently thinking and acting organisms—with their own agency and agenda.

Lily Allen’s “Hard Out Here”

At the end of the day, the music video is a medium for entertainment and “Hard Out Here” is not exempt. Lily Allen reproduces sexist tropes in an effort to maybe educate, but more so, to entertain. With all of the video’s hype, Allen reinforces, rather than subverts, the value of female bodies in popular culture, especially in the music industry.

Sexism in Comics

“Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow was the only superhero whose assets were displayed as perhaps they would be on the poster for a porno parody version of the movie. Everyone else got to look like ass-kicking saviors ready for battle”

Why Girls Are So Mean

“Two professors of zoology at the University of Cambridge say that females use passive-aggressive tactics to solve problems with their sexual competition.”

TV’s Strong Black Woman

Perkins believes that television’s typical depiction of the SBW dehumanizes black women, because they are presented without needs of their own. Perkins cites Olivia Pope on Scandal and Abigail Mills on Sleepy Hollow as characters who work against the SBW stereotype; they are strong women who also feel. These two characters are heroines, but not stoics.

Girlfight: Diana and Adrian

In class we discussed the purpose of Diana and Adrian’s romance in the movie Girlfight. Most people were understandably annoyed that a movie staring a woman had to center on romance once again. Isn’t there more to a young girl’s life than who she’s crushing on this week? And shouldn’t her journey towards empowerment be…

Advertising: Headed in Right Direction or Missing the Mark?

Recently, the comedian Melissa McCarthy has found herself in a little bit of controversy. She has made it to the cover of the popular fashion magazine Elle, but with one caveat. The comedian graces the cover with stunning makeup, beautiful hair, and a trench coat that covers up most of her body. The trench coat has…

Having conversations about gender

I recently posted on a different blog forum about the genderised advertising by Nile Breweries. This is kind of commonplace, with alcohol advertisements. I am actually waiting for the day Johnnie Walker produces a Jennie Walker. Or maybe we could just get rid of the whole gender business. If there cannot be a Jennie, there…

The Media’s Influence on Bodies

So after reading a post on this blog, I started looking for how the media could have an effect on a person’s perception of themselves and force them to change, and I came across a very disturbing video… I’ll let you see the rest for yourselves…