28 Most Iconic Feminist Moments of 2013

PolicyMic reviews their 28 most iconic feminist moments of 2013. Check to see if you agree…

Female Lawyers and Women in Technology

While 47% of law degrees awarded in 2012 were to females and women comprised 45% of associate positions in private practices, women only make up 15% of “the equity-partner level—the highest position at a law firm where partners have actual ownership of the firm”.

Hands in Bound

The more we spoke about hands in the Wachowskis’ film Bound, the more we began to think of hands as independently thinking and acting organisms—with their own agency and agenda.

Lily Allen’s “Hard Out Here”

At the end of the day, the music video is a medium for entertainment and “Hard Out Here” is not exempt. Lily Allen reproduces sexist tropes in an effort to maybe educate, but more so, to entertain. With all of the video’s hype, Allen reinforces, rather than subverts, the value of female bodies in popular culture, especially in the music industry.