Elliott Sailors and Gender Expression

“I’ve never been a really super feminine girly, girl … this is actually very accurate on the outside now how I’ve already felt on the inside.” – Elliott Sailors

Dressing Bodies Handsomely

Tutera describes wearing her first suit as “revolutionary,” because “it revolutionized my relationship with myself.” It gave her confidence, making her feel “like the most self-possessed, at-ease, handsome version of myself that had ever existed.”

Advertising: Headed in Right Direction or Missing the Mark?

Recently, the comedian Melissa McCarthy has found herself in a little bit of controversy. She has made it to the cover of the popular fashion magazine Elle, but with one caveat. The comedian graces the cover with stunning makeup, beautiful hair, and a trench coat that covers up most of her body. The trench coat has…

Marco Marco Fashion Show Features Drag Queens

The article, “All Runway Models Should Be Replaced With Drag Queens,” serves as an interesting counter argument to the hegemonic portrayals of gender in the media. Codes of Gender and Killing us Softly 4 demonstrate many of the image motifs we have discussed and demonstrate the gendered nature of advertising and the fashion industry. A recent…