India Arie might not be her hair but is she her body?: Image, facebook and Victoria’s secrets

Think about it, Why is it that I, slim 6 ft creature, eats as or even more and more unhealthy than some of my friends called fat but people would still call me skinny?or even worse,preach about how I’m so lucky, “you can eat anything and never have to worry about being fat”. Like death from high cholesterol is a joke compared to being unable to zip those undersized pants we buy for ourselves in hope,


Media’s Censorship of Female Bodies

Censorship of female bodies represents the hate and distrust we have towards female bodies. In censoring female bodies across the media, we continue to constrain women within society; it’s society’s attempt to keep “femaleness” within set definitions and ideals.

Obsessional inversion

I’m still having slight difficulties understanding all that Lacan meant by “obsessional inversion” in his essay “The Mirror Stage as Formative.” With the smartphone and its many cameras, I can’t imagine how much deeper he could have gone with his theories. One of the most interesting areas of discussion would probably be these mirror selfies…