Christmas Shopping in NYC: Real Men Eat Meat

It’s funny around Christmas time to see how gendered the gift market is.  I was in a store selling cookbooks, and I decided to check out the “man” books.  Literally every single book was about cooking meat.  There was Esquire’s EAT Like a MAN, with a huge steak pictured on the cover, there was a…

Set Off the Patriarchy

Although the film, Set It Off, can easily be seen as a girl power film, my argument is that the women do not do anything for themselves until there are no longer any men to further.

SheZow: The Female Superhero who is really a Boy

The show features a young boy named Guy (yes, I know, the irony is apparent) become a female superhero after putting on a magic ring meant for his sister. Unable to take the ring off, Guy now has to come to full terms with his new superhero identity with the help of his sister and best friend.

Gendered Majors

So, the other day I went to a dinner for French Majors, and one of my friends brought up what I thought was an interesting comment. She asked whether it was odd that there were barely any men in all the French classes she’d taken. Of about 15 majors in total, two of them were men. The visiting professors then said it was completely normal.

Gender and Sexual Assault

Earlier today, I stumbled upon the Jezebel article “Woman Accused of Raping Girlfriend With Sex Toy.” In this article, the writer describes the details of an instance of sexual assault between two women in Florida. One woman, Mia McCarthy, has been charged with attempted murder, sexual assault, battery and domestic battery strangulation. Allegedly, McCarthy beat her girlfriend and…

Now hiring…

This sign is taped to the window of an ice cream shop near Boston. After seeing it, my mind was racing with thoughts of “male or female” versus “men or women”, gender expression, and why this kind of caption is even necessary.