Who is Elle Woods?

After watching Legally Blonde last week, I saw Elle Woods in a whole new light. In my previous viewings of the movie, Elle was just an entertaining, slightly ditzy,  and lovable character to me. However, after watching the movie more critically, I was struck by Elle’s ambiguity throughout the movie. On one hand, Elle is…

Marriage Proposals and Self-Worth in Legally Blonde

Last class we talked about Lacan’s idea of ratification–or affirmation of your worth and identity from an outside source–and it hit me that although Elle Woods appears to become a powerful, self-confident woman at the end of Legally Blonde, her development begins and ends with how other people respond to her actions, proposing marriage being the only true affirmation of her character. In the beginning of the film, Elle’s only goal in order to become happy/complete is to get the six-carat Harry Winston diamond ring

What Legally Blonde Taught Me About College

What Legally Blonde Taught Me About College I promise to post something more relevant to Lacan and related readings, but for now I thought I’d share this link. Happy reading! Although #5 is pretty relevant to the reading. The quote is, “Do you think she woke up one morning and said, “I think I’ll go…

Paranoiac Knowledge in Legally Blonde

An example of Paranoiac Knowledge in Legally Blonde: Elle slaps David, and accuses him of breaking her heart and giving her the greatest pleasure ever known and then taking it away. David changes. He is the same David he was seconds before who was being rejected by a fellow co-ed, but now he is also more, because of the way Elle has interacted with him and labeled him as an object of desire.

All Singing, All Dancing, All Mirroring!

It’s Lacan: The Musical! Ok, not really. But I did want to talk more about the Broadway adaptation of Legally Blonde and the ways in which it, in many ways, goes beyond the source material in terms of the Lacanian narrative. To take the two examples I brought up in class; the first is the scene…