Must read- Why I’m not Here for #whitegirlsrock

A couple days ago this post was written in response to the hashtag “#Whitegirlsrock”. This is in response to the annual event Black Girls Rock that celebrates black women doing great things all over the world. I just wanted to get some opinions flowing about the topic.

Why Girls Are So Mean

“Two professors of zoology at the University of Cambridge say that females use passive-aggressive tactics to solve problems with their sexual competition.”

Girls Who Dance

A problem in the discussion of these girls who dance is that those who comment seem to assume that these girls are unchangeable–because they like a certain style of dance or performed a certain style of dance, this must mean x about them. And if x is true, they will be y. But real-life doesn’t work that way.

Sexualization of Young Dancers, continued

In thinking more about the topic of the sexualization of young dancers from Cora P’s post and my corresponding comment, I thought about a dance that was put up on YouTube about 2 years ago. The video was an instant hit and the young girls ended up becoming worldwide superstars. The dance is a jazz…

Crazy Sexy Cool

Tonight @ 9pm Crazy Sexy Cool: The TLC Story aired on Vh1 and of course I had to tune in. When thinking about Girl Power and Pop culture it is impossible not to include the group TLC in the conversation. They are the epitome of a 90s girl group. The group consisted of 3 girls,…