Miley The Movement

In class we discussed the self awareness and intentionality of Miley Cyrus’ recent transformation and behavior. Here is the documentary where she talks about why this is her time and what exactly she is doing. The documentary is pretty short so give it a watch. Do you feel the documentary and her explanation brought anymore…

Post-feminist Celebrities and the Price of Self-Interest

Throughout the history of mass media, women have been depicted in a certain way–with a specific emphasis on their (sexualized) bodies and their (sexual) relationships with men–and this is obviously so, so problematic, but is it not better that now, finally, women are the ones who are making a profit off of this business?

Must read- Why I’m not Here for #whitegirlsrock

A couple days ago this post was written in response to the hashtag “#Whitegirlsrock”. This is in response to the annual event Black Girls Rock that celebrates black women doing great things all over the world. I just wanted to get some opinions flowing about the topic.