India Arie might not be her hair but is she her body?: Image, facebook and Victoria’s secrets

Think about it, Why is it that I, slim 6 ft creature, eats as or even more and more unhealthy than some of my friends called fat but people would still call me skinny?or even worse,preach about how I’m so lucky, “you can eat anything and never have to worry about being fat”. Like death from high cholesterol is a joke compared to being unable to zip those undersized pants we buy for ourselves in hope,

Paranoiac Knowledge in Legally Blonde

An example of Paranoiac Knowledge in Legally Blonde: Elle slaps David, and accuses him of breaking her heart and giving her the greatest pleasure ever known and then taking it away. David changes. He is the same David he was seconds before who was being rejected by a fellow co-ed, but now he is also more, because of the way Elle has interacted with him and labeled him as an object of desire.

Mirroring in Albert Nobbs (2011)

I watched Albert Nobbs (2011) over the weekend. The drama tells the story of Albert Nobbs (Glenn Close), a woman, who is living as a man in order to find work and live independently in nineteenth-century Ireland. Albert is a hotel waiter for a rather upscale establishment in town and has been saving up great amounts of money in hopes of one day purchasing a tobacco shop.

All Singing, All Dancing, All Mirroring!

It’s Lacan: The Musical! Ok, not really. But I did want to talk more about the Broadway adaptation of Legally BlondeĀ and the ways in which it, in many ways, goes beyond the source material in terms of the Lacanian narrative. To take the two examples I brought up in class; the first is the scene…