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The Work of Belonging

Reflections on being a woman who loves and blogs about European football, which is a traditionally- and aggressively-masculine domain.


Creative Mom Creates her Kid’s Identity

Creative Mom Creates her Kid’s Identity I stumbled upon this link of Queenie Liao’s photos the other day and wondered what Lacan might make of her project. Consider from our Lacan reading a few weeks back: “Identification with a constellation of images leads to a behavioral pattern that reflects the social structures within which these images…

“You are a body of work” | The Mynabirds, Practices of Looking, & Possibilities of Re-imagining

So I’m kind of obsessed with The Mynabirds right now. My favorite song off their 2012 album is “Body of Work”: (Lyrics + video link, in case embedding fails.) After all our discussions about mainstream music culture and representations of gender therein, I started thinking about alternative sub-cultures and possible alternative narratives. I wondered if…

On The ‘Fro

Saw this op-ed in the New York Times and thought of our discussion of Foxy’s afro in Foxy Brown and its function as a symbol of her power and identity. The author of the piece is a proudly self-identifying white guy who, in his youth, sported an afro. And that’s more or less it. That’s…