Guest Post: Hashtag Feminism

I recently re-entered the world of (Black) Twitter, and was quickly greeted with a new form of communication and activism taking the feminist of color Twitterverse by storm–hashtag activism/feminism. The first example of this new form of activism was possibly this summer’s response to the news of Paula Deen‘s racism. Titled “#PaulasBestDishes,” a hashtag started…

India Arie might not be her hair but is she her body?: Image, facebook and Victoria’s secrets

Think about it, Why is it that I, slim 6 ft creature, eats as or even more and more unhealthy than some of my friends called fat but people would still call me skinny?or even worse,preach about how I’m so lucky, “you can eat anything and never have to worry about being fat”. Like death from high cholesterol is a joke compared to being unable to zip those undersized pants we buy for ourselves in hope,

Woman Streaker – Body Image

“Woman Streaker Runs onto Course at Presidents Cup” popped up on CNN’s homepage yesterday. The article contains four brief sentences, two large images of the woman, a screenshot of a highly retweeted and favorited Twitter post, and a link to a “NSFW picture” with due credit given to Alex Myers of Golf Digest.