Why Girls Are So Mean

“Two professors of zoology at the University of Cambridge say that females use passive-aggressive tactics to solve problems with their sexual competition.”

Parenting Beyond the Binary

It seems that whenever two people work together, they inevitably fall into the good-cop bad-cop roles. Though some people manage to have fairly fluid relationships, usually the distinction is clear. This is true with friends, family, and perhaps especially with parents. Did you grow up with two parents? Which one was the disciplinarian? Which one…

The Media’s Influence on Bodies

So after reading a post on this blog, I started looking for how the media could have an effect on a person’s perception of themselves and force them to change, and I came across a very disturbing video… I’ll let you see the rest for yourselves…

Media’s Censorship of Female Bodies

Censorship of female bodies represents the hate and distrust we have towards female bodies. In censoring female bodies across the media, we continue to constrain women within society; it’s society’s attempt to keep “femaleness” within set definitions and ideals.

Obsessional inversion

I’m still having slight difficulties understanding all that Lacan meant by “obsessional inversion” in his essay “The Mirror Stage as Formative.” With the smartphone and its many cameras, I can’t imagine how much deeper he could have gone with his theories. One of the most interesting areas of discussion would probably be these mirror selfies…

Escaping Idelogy

I had never questioned my ideology of school. Like most, I assume, it is something we never question unless we are forced to. Yet, when Althusser noted that the ISA of school is the most dominant, I began to think of all the ways my ideology of school has affected me.