Ride or Die

So I’m sure you all have heard of the term “ride or die”. A Ride or Die chick is a girl who would do anything for her friends, family and man. According to Urban Dictionary, a ride or die chick is “A chick that aint afraid to be down with her man she’ll do anything her man needs her to do”. I’ve heard guy after guy tell me they were looking for a girl who would be there for them no matter what. And for a while I would play into that, trying to prove that I was a loyal girl. But then I started to think whether those guys were doing the same for me. I realized that most had no intention of proving their loyalty to me. It seemed that their presence was enough.

Then I started thinking about music that talks about a ride or die chick, which is a pretty popular theme in rap music. I was led to 50 Cent’s song, 21 Questions. In the song he asks questions to his girlfriend, and if she were to answer yes then she would qualify as a ride or die chick. In the video the girl (Megan Mood) of course answers yes to all his questions. His questions pretty much sum up to him asking, “ If I wasn’t doing what I supposed to and not making money would you be there?” And while that question is valid, it seems to be a question men can only ask women. But a girl asking a guy those questions is taboo.

Screen Shot 2013-12-20 at 8.25.00 PM

But what if the tables were turned? Are men ride or die for their women? Could a woman make a song asking 21 questions to her significant other and expect the answer to be yes? So I looked up a ride or die man/guy/boy in Urban Dictionary and not surprisingly those could not be found.

So a woman is expected to be there for a guy but the same is not expected from the man. In the 50 Cent video, the female, Megan Good, is expected to hold him down while he is in prison. But what about the fact that he is even putting her in that position? Is he not expected to protect her and make sure she feels safe and secure in the relationship? So then I decided to look for a female version of the song and yes! I found one but it is not what I was expecting. The song is called 21 Answersby Lil Mo. It is a response to 5o Cents song. Instead of challenging the guy and asking him some questions, she just answers all the questions he posed saying that she will do everything for him no matter what. Really Lil Mo!! Ok, yes it makes sense for her to give this response but no! A real ride or die woman would want more for her man. She wouldn’t want him selling drugs and wouldn’t allow herself to be put in a potentially dangerous situation. So while I’m all for a woman being there for a guy, I think the same should be expected from the guy.


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