Yeah, it’s hard for a (Nigerian) girl: Chimamanda Adichie talks feminism & femininity

Okay, so what you are about to watch (because I’m sure you all will watch it) is an accurate reflection of my stream of consciousness as I go through life in many parts of Nigeria, sometimes even my hchimamandaome. I’d like to say that Ms Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s stream of consciousness might be a much calmer version of what goes on in my head. Probably because she is a best selling author of successful novels like “half of a Yellow Sun” and “Americanah”, Nigerian born and bred author Chimamanda definitely reads my mind with more eloquence, poise and less f shaped bombs. But, let us not forget the contradiction that swearing isn’t ladylike even though women are supposedly always angry. BUT…LET’S STICK TO THE SCRIPT HERE without battling the ever confusing cycle of contradictions that makes females enemies of themselves. Isn’t it sad that a female always needs to be something different from what she sees in the mirror every time she looks.

Well, the point remains that she keeps an objective calm during her motivating speech.

Indeed, Ms Adichie actually has as much rage and frustration as I do but she speaks about the daily traumas that get thrown at us as Nigerian (some may argue African) women in a clear and witty fashion that highlights female burdens and points clearly at society’s role.

I hope you enjoy it as much as my friends and I did.

3 thoughts on “Yeah, it’s hard for a (Nigerian) girl: Chimamanda Adichie talks feminism & femininity

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