Voyeurism, Fetishism, and Genre in Wild Things

Wild Things plays on the traditional cinematic way of looking, and because we fall under its influence, we miss out on what’s really happening in favor of fantasy.

The Use of Gendered Language in Latin

Hannah’s post in “My Problem with Rashida’s Tweet: #stopactinglikewhores” got me thinking about our recent class discussion that the very language we use to discuss gender and gender binaries are already embedded in excess of their meanings.

Beauty and Mulvey

The Jezebel article, “On Men, Women, and the Conversation About Beauty,” reminded me quite a bit of Mulvey. The article argues that we limit discussions of beauty to women’s beauty as seen by men. First, it describes how we talk about beauty in one way. I read or hear about beauty and women about every…

Wrecking Ball and the Male Gaze

My friend likes to say, “When I see a pretty woman, I tell her, ‘You’re so pretty.  I hate you.’  And she says, ‘Aww, thanks,’ and I’m like, ‘No, but I actually hate you.’”  As much as we all roll our eyes at her, it’s an all too familiar story.  It’s pretty impossible to refrain…

Strip Clubs and Dollar Bills

In an odd way, Rihanna’s ‘Pour It Up’ could be seen as an independent woman/girl power anthem. Rihanna sings about doing all of the things that she wants and still having money afterward.