Race & Art: Why someone said Iggy Azalea runs Hip-Hop


I came across the soundtrack of the Panther movie called Freedom and the opening scene stayed with me. Imagine, Eight dark skinned females facing Five dark skinned males. Six of them have afros of different sizes ranging from small to explosive. Three of them stand with children in their arms or on their hips while One of them says:

“We want full fledged membership of the black panther party. None of that okay sugar, as long as you play the background n’ gettin’ ma beer and rubbin my feet bulls***t either. You dig?”


I do. I really do.

Recently Forbes wrote an article and titled it  “Hip Hop Is Run By A White, Blonde, Australian Woman” The “White, blonde Australian Woman” in reference is called Iggy Azalea. I had a great laugh after sharing the article on facebook, and seeing my friend comment saying,”who is this Iggy Hibiscus?”

Iggy Azalea is popular…

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