Renisha McBride: Her murder and the Black Female Stereotype

Noliwe M. Rooks said “…we have so often viewed black women as more threatening, more masculine and less in need of help, protection and support than white women”. Renisha McBride was a 19 year old black woman whose car broke down in a Detroit suburb. She went up to a home asking for help when the white male homeowner shot her in the face and killed her.

Lily Allen’s “Hard Out Here”

At the end of the day, the music video is a medium for entertainment and “Hard Out Here” is not exempt. Lily Allen reproduces sexist tropes in an effort to maybe educate, but more so, to entertain. With all of the video‚Äôs hype, Allen reinforces, rather than subverts, the value of female bodies in popular culture, especially in the music industry.

MRAs and Oppressing the Oppressor

How can the people in the position of power need to be defended against the people who are being marginalized and oppressed? What does it mean for feminism that there are now men’s activist groups that are not only accusing women/feminists of being “man-haters,” which has always been a claim tied to feminism, but who are now coming together and taking action against feminist movements?

Who Owns Blaxploitation?

When I was watching Foxy Brown, I hated the villains. I hated them. They were pantomime baddies gone wild; incredibly sadistic, ruthless, and bigoted. While watching, I could tell the screenwriters had taken special care to make them loathsome; there was Katherine’s Southern accent (telling us that she’s privileged and haughty, as well as evoking…