Yeah, it’s hard for a (Nigerian) girl: Chimamanda Adichie talks feminism & femininity

I thought it would be interesting to watch this video especially with the theme of girl power international relations. In the video called “We should all be feminists,” she aims to dispel the undeserving stereotype that “feminazism” is the basic nature of feminism; to show how that sort of perception is the product of a gaze rather than intention. Instead, she calls out to every individual to carefully rethink discriminatory actions/words of women labelled “Feminazis” on a blind vicious journey to extinct all males. (Again, Pat Robertson, no one wants to kill their children. Those are savages, not feminists)


What I said when I realized I shouldn’t say

I am one Nigerian woman who lived in Nigeria for 18 years trying to write about the story four pained African American women. Though shown in 1996, this story runs through the beginning of history. This is not a call for an online lecture about how I should feel because I am not assuming it is the right or only way to feel, all I know is that I feel this way.