“Sweetie” and Hard Candy

After reading about Sweetie, I am now more sympathetic to Hayley’s act of vigilantism. Not that I condone her violence, but perhaps, I understand it better now, if looking at it as an act of desperation, when there seems to be no legal system in place that effectively protects children.

“Hard Candy” Turned Real

The activist organization, Terre des Hommes, used their creation named Sweetie as bait to track numerous sexual predators across the globe by simply visiting numerous chat rooms and seeing what happens.

Hard Candy and Castration

The movie Hard Candy got me thinking about castration. How could it not? That moment when Ellen Page (who plays the female lead) says that she’s going to castrate him and raises her scalpel, well it literally brought shivers to my spine. It was terrifying, and disgusting, and so symbolic.