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What Do Women Want? (Video Essay)

At some point I said: “It frustrates me that just about every movie featuring a lead woman feels obligated to introduce a romantic interest at some point, even if it’s completely superfluous to plot and character or even contradictory.”


Funny Women (or: Female Comics and the Production of Humor)

“Ladies, sometimes, we can waste all of this energy hating ourselves when we should just be concentrating on our work, like men do. They’re not worrying about cellulite, are they? They’re too busy getting paid more in every single career where you don’t have to take your clothes off.”
–Sara Pascoe

Sexualization of Young Girls Through Dance

Upon reading Andrea’s post, “Sexualization of a Young Girl on Facebook and ‘Ratchet Meme’”, I thought of  “Popular Culture and the Eroticization of Little Girls” by Valerie Walkerdine and I also thought of the sexualization of young girls in a setting where it occurs very often but where there is also  very little dialog about it,…