Funny Women (or: Female Comics and the Production of Humor)

“Ladies, sometimes, we can waste all of this energy hating ourselves when we should just be concentrating on our work, like men do. They’re not worrying about cellulite, are they? They’re too busy getting paid more in every single career where you don’t have to take your clothes off.”
–Sara Pascoe

Girlfight: Diana and Adrian

In class we discussed the purpose of Diana and Adrian’s romance in the movie Girlfight. Most people were understandably annoyed that a movie staring a woman had to center on romance once again. Isn’t there more to a young girl’s life than who she’s crushing on this week? And shouldn’t her journey towards empowerment be…

How to Cure a Feminist Part 2

Upon reading the post, “oh no: Maxim’s “Cure a Feminist”” I was extremely outraged. The title and the images spoke for themselves in terms of the message this article was trying to send. I think that it perpetuates this skewed image of a feminist. It equates women who want agency for themselves and who decide to…

Parenting Beyond the Binary

It seems that whenever two people work together, they inevitably fall into the good-cop bad-cop roles. Though some people manage to have fairly fluid relationships, usually the distinction is clear. This is true with friends, family, and perhaps especially with parents. Did you grow up with two parents? Which one was the disciplinarian? Which one…

Racist Feminist

I was on tumblr a last week and this post came across my dashboard. The first article, “Why Miley Cyrus Is a Feminist Icon”, is pretty self-explanatory. Jincey Lumpkin begins by defending Miley Cyrus and tells readers to stop “slut-shaming” her: