Female Lawyers and Women in Technology

While 47% of law degrees awarded in 2012 were to females and women comprised 45% of associate positions in private practices, women only make up 15% of “the equity-partner level—the highest position at a law firm where partners have actual ownership of the firm”.

Empowerment in Enough

One movie that has really got me thinking this semester about women’s empowerment has been Enough.  I think this is partially because of the role of domestic abuse in the film. In the beginning of the film Enough, Slim plays the role of a stereotypical woman.  Indeed, the only we way we can truly individualize…

Why Girls Are So Mean

“Two professors of zoology at the University of Cambridge say that females use passive-aggressive tactics to solve problems with their sexual competition.”

The Use of Gendered Language in Latin

Hannah’s post in “My Problem with Rashida’s Tweet: #stopactinglikewhores” got me thinking about our recent class discussion that the very language we use to discuss gender and gender binaries are already embedded in excess of their meanings.