The Struggles of a Christian Feminist

In response to Honest’s post, You are Twenty, You are a Woman.

jesus the liberal

Christianity has without a doubt been used to legitimize misogyny. There’s no point in arguing that. However, the image above reminds me that the meaning of Scripture, like all media, is a matter of interpretation. Let’s not blame the text itself, but how we use the text. As a die-hard liberal, I’m inclined to banish all religion from my life. However, if Jesus Christ had been presented to me as he is in this blurb above, I’d probably be reppin his name with pride today.


One thought on “The Struggles of a Christian Feminist

  1. I was brought up in the religion. I went to an all-girls’ Catholic boarding school where by the third year, I willingly went to morning mass during the week. [It was compulsory for only Sunday mass and mass on celebratory days like Assumption of Mary or St. Francis’ feast day- the nuns were Franciscans.]

    But if someone dares to quote that virtuous woman from Proverbs 31 to me or some other verse that is supposed to define my womanhood, I growl. People also think that I might have a special place in hell for what has replaced the Creed: “The Bible was written by men.”

    I am good with church. I have grown up in it and I can stand it, even enjoy it, if the priest doesn’t start to interpret the Bible with complete disregard and disrespect to the women in the congregation- one priest did this and I walked right out. I was so mad the rest of the women did not follow me.

    But seriously, the Bible was written by men. Also, just for the fact that it has a New and Old Testament, shouldn’t that tell us that it is not stagnant and can change with the times. Wasn’t that the entire point of Jesus?

    I need to stop.

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