Goldieblox aims to “disrupt the pink aisle”

Toy company Goldieblox had a new ad out for the holiday season featuring three young girls constructing and participating in a giant Rube Goldberg device. According to Katy Waldman of, the ad “subverts a bunch of dumb gender stereotypes”.

In class, we have discussed how Smith College is emphasizing the engineering career path choice for women. Goldieblox seems to echo this goal fully, as two of the company’s main slogans include “engineering toys for girls” and “toys for future innovations”.

It is refreshing to see an ad geared towards girls but without the usual baby doll, make-up, and baking flair. Goldieblox, in fact, appears to mock these “traditionally girly” toys by constructing the ad’s Rube Goldberg device from repurposed stereotypically girls’ toys including a magenta boa, a dollhouse, a tea pot, etc. Furthermore, the background for the ad is a version of the Beastie Boys’ song “Girls” but with re-written, more positive lyrics.

Beau Lewis, creative director of the video, says that “Goldieblox is all about making engineering accessible and fun to girls at a young age, and a Rube Goldberg machine is something totally relatable because it combines everyday objects to do something whimsical and magical.”

Do you think Goldieblox accomplished what they set out to with this “Princess Machine” ad?


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