Girl Code

Is there a Girl Code? Do girls share a universal set of rules and experiences?

According to MTV there is a girl code. Girl Code is a show on MTV where actresses, comedians, musicians, models, etc.  (all female except for a few men) talk about things girls go through.  They dive into topics we all know about: crushes, waxing, Girls Night Out, first dates, frenemies, sleepovers, just to name a few. It is a spin off from the hugely successful show on MTV called Guy Code.  Not only is the show absolutely hilarious but also I am able to remember similar experiences and find comfort that I am not the only one this has happened to. For example after watching the episode about visiting the gynecologist, I remembered my first time there and the awkwardness that came along. I had no idea what to expect and I was happy to know that I wasn’t the only one who felt that way.

In response to my question is there a girl code; I would have to agree there is definitely a Girl Code. We all share some experiences and it is great that this show gives a platform to share those on a greater scale then just hanging with friends and laughing about those moments. The courage that the women on the show have is honorable. They talk about all types of insecurities and embarrassing moments with no shame. I have also realized that guys also are able to relate to many of the jokes. I watched recently with a guy friend and he laughed through out the entire show and was able to share some moments from his childhood as well. Here are some clips from the show.

Or my personal fav:

So what do you think? Is there a Girl Code? And if so, what rules or experiences would you include?


2 thoughts on “Girl Code

  1. These clips are so great and so true! Especially the whole texting thing… I also love how it seems like this show is about women poking fun at themselves, instead of the typical MTV-making-fools-out-of-them kind of thing. It actually felt kind of empowering to watch the clips, which is probably something people rarely say about MTV shows.

  2. These are interesting, but I am on the opposite end of this. I don’t think that there is a girl code anymore than there should be a guy code. I feel that turning experiences into some kind of universal experience is reductive, and excludes several groups of people. Is this not what the main deal is with women’s issues? That all of our experiences are reduced to one universal theory that is supposed to apply to every woman.

    I might be bringing to my viewing an international-ness, having grown up without texting until I was like 19. But I think that it helps to see that a “girl code” would not really apply. And yes, MTV is tailored to an American audience but would this really apply to every American woman (ever since reading Walkerdine, I can’t bring myself to say “girl”).

    Do you think that there is a possibility that there is no universal set of rules and experiences for every female out there?

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