Women are Liars

Two weeks ago, I wrote about an article called “How We Teach Our Kids That Women Are Liars,” published on Role Reboot. Recently a Tumblr post that came up on my dashboard served as more everyday proof of this phenomenon.

A girl had posted the following photo of herself, along with a series of other pictures that her friend had taken of her with and without makeup. The hashtags on the photo were: #personal  #face  #this is why i always have to deny when someone tells me that i am beautiful  #make-up  #beauty


Someone reblogged the photo and wrote, “This is why you can’t trust women, even when theyre mouth is closed theyre still lying to you.” The implication is that since she’s wearing makeup, a man can’t see what her face actually looks like, and therefore, can’t accurately judge her based off of it. The assumption is that women wear makeup to lie to men and by extension, that women solely wear makeup for men. These are not only hurtful ideas, especially to the girl whose photo is being attacked and who is already clearly insecure about her looks based on her tags, but these ideas are also oppressive. There is violence (albeit with a lowercase v) and misogyny that underly the person’s comment. Luckily, someone (characterdevelopmentwrites) took the time to write a great comment underneath his post, but it’s unclear if he ever saw it or if mere words can change his mind.
An excerpt from the comment:

a guy once said in passing that it was necessary for his girlfriend to wear makeup, and it just blows my mind that he wouldn’t be attracted to a natural women’s face. despite how they look without makeup, because it’s not as “perfect,” as enhanced, the way women “should look,” as it is with makeup. we see men as attractive without makeup, but when we look at women without makeup? it’s shameful, it’s ugly, she hasn’t ‘put her face on.’ we see ‘attractive’ men as attractive despite them having the same flaws as women: under eye circles, thick eyebrows, uneven skin coloring, et cetera. its the fact that we are literally told to believe that our bodies, unlike those of attractive men, are not good enough. we’re told no woman will ever be good enough. i think it scares men how closely women look like them. not because men think other men are ugly, but because when you look like someone, you identify more with them. it kills the fantasy.


2 thoughts on “Women are Liars

  1. That comment is very disturbing – I have also heard the idea that when women wear make-up, they are somehow lying to “themselves”, not just to the world. The term “lying” bothers me, as it conveys a certain dishonesty, distrustfulness, and deceitfulness.

  2. Thank you for this post because this is something I think about a lot. The word “lie” is strong and hurtful. By no means are woman lying to anyone. But there is an obvious deep-rooted issue that comes along with the dependence on makeup for everyday enhancement. As someone that does not wear make up I often don’t understand why anyone would want to wear it, but then again while I don’t spend time putting on make up, I spend just as much time doing my hair. Sorry for going off topic but there was a funny episode of Girl Code where they talk about girls and make up. I think it gets to some of the misconceptions men have about makeup. I couldn’t find the clip but here is the episode. They talk about make up about 6 minutes into the video.


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