Frozen and Empowered Women

Fairy tales have never been a good representation of women.  It’s always the same story: a young princess is miserable and has to eventually be married to a prince and then she has her ‘happily ever after’.  However, Disney seems to be challenging the traditional fairy tale in their new movie: “Frozen”.  I watched Frozen over the weekend, and I could not get it out of my head at all.  There’s one moment in particular that strikes me, and that is Elsa’s song when she leaves her kingdom.

At this point, Elsa has just revealed to her people that she has powers over ice, powers that she’d tried to hide for almost her entire life.  Accidentally, she reveals them when getting into a fight with her sister Anna, who seems determined to perpetuate the idea of a traditional princess.  Anna met her prince and planned to marry him that very day.  Elsa argues with her and releases her power, then flees the town amidst cries of “witch!” and “monster!”  As soon as the townspeople reacted to this very empowered woman, they became very afraid.  But when Elsa escapes them, she suddenly finds herself freed from the constraints of her society and uses her power.  She has broken out of the “good girl she always had to be” and become powerful.  So powerful, actually, that she has cast the entire kingdom into eternal winter.

The movie goes on.  Her sister, Anna, becomes the hero when she goes to seek out Elsa and bring back summer.  Several things happen, and if nobody minds any spoilers, I shall reveal another great point of the movie that I loved.


When Anna meets Elsa, Elsa accidentally hits Anna with her ice abilities, shooting ice into Anna’s heart.  Anna is taken to some friendly trolls who tell her “Only an act of true love can melt a frozen heart.”  Anna believes that she must return to the prince she said she’d marry on the day she met him, and goes back, only to find he was using her all along.  Anna begins to die, while Elsa has been returned.  At one moment, Anna is very close to death, and she has to make a choice.  A man who actually loves her, Cristoff, is running to save her, and yet her sister is about to be killed by the prince.  Anna throws herself in front of Elsa to save her, turning into ice.  She melts, however, as she has done her “act of true love”.  This moment, where Anna had no need of any handsome young man to save herself, was so great to me.  She could do it herself, for love of her sister.


I can honestly say I loved this movie, and even if people start bringing up all other sorts of arguments, I’m just in love.  I really recommend you guys all watch it!  Neither it nor the songs will not disappoint!

2 thoughts on “Frozen and Empowered Women

  1. Go, Disney! How encouraging to see love portrayed as something other than romantic. I can’t wait to see this movie – thanks for the post!

  2. I love Disney movies and I am happy to you loved it. Its about time Disney talks about the power of sisterhood. I appreciate this. Thanks.

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