Why I’ll never write Strong Female Characters

I came across this post, and I thought it made an interesting read. I’m taking Fiction Writing I this semester and I found that most of my main characters were women (I have very few male characters, even in minor roles). The moment I realised this, I started over-scrutinizing my characterization. In my last assignment, I had an HIV-positive woman and I had to write in how she got infected. I’m still editing because I really don’t want her to be a sex worker.


I’ve always felt uncomfortable with the concept of Strong Female Characters, but I’ve never brought it up, because as someone who breaks into random fits of feminism, I thought it went against everything I stood for to “not get” Strong Female Characters.

Alright, I’m being a little too diplomatic here. I dislike Strong Female Characters. I won’t go as far as to say I hate them, but chances are, if your MC is a Strong Female Character, I’m going to find another book/movie/tv show/operatic epic rap-poem. And I can guarantee you, I’ll never write one.

Let me be clear, I hope all my female characters are strong. In fact, you might call them strong female characters. But I hope you never call them Strong Female Characters–at least to my face.

The problem is: SFCs are a trope–and a dangerous one at that–and I want my characters to be more than…

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