Body Shaming

I was on the internet and I came across this article, titled “Worst Celebrity Beach Bodies.” I’m not sure if articles like these are meant to make us feel better by shaming bodies of female celebrities (as if seeing that they don’t have perfect bodies would make us feel better) or if it’s just meant to shame and control women’s bodies in general or if people just get off on being mean to people who they don’t know (and maybe even people who they do know). But especially after reading Cora P’s post on thin privilege and hgaffigan14’s post on Lululemon, just seeing the title of this article made me really sad. The first picture is of Lindsay Lohan who has been open about having an eating disorder in the past. Uma Thurman is second, with the tagline “Not exactly in Kill Bill shape.” Uma Thurman has had body dysmorphic disorder in the past and also recently had a baby. And these female celebrities are considered to have the ‘worst’ bikini bodies because they have a protruding stomach or their thighs touch, or they have cellulite or their stomachs don’t look photoshopped, as in the case of Tara Reid (for Reid, the tagline is “Girl, WHAT is going on with your stomach? Is that lipo or what?”). Another problem with the judgement that is being passed on these photos is that all of them are in positions that clearly show that the person in question was not aware that their photo was being taken. So, on what was meant to be a private outing with children, friends, or significant others, they are being publicly judged for their bodies. And though there are men pictured, they only make up 5 of 20. Plus, the men only end up on the list because they don’t have a six-pack or because they’re wearing shoes and socks on the beach, while the women end up on the list because there are multiple things that are ‘wrong’ with their bodies.

There is no author listed on the post, so it’s unclear if they are a man or a woman, but for once, the comments are actually a nice section to look at, as there are many people defending the women in the pictures. On a similar note, this article on cellulite is much more positive, touching on body shaming and dispelling a few myths along the way.


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