A Close Reading of Enough

In my close reading of Enough, I tried to explain how in the scene where Slim is in in Mitch’s house spying on him, Slim has complete power over the scene.

Enough, 2002, dir. Michael Apted (1:30:15)

Enough, 2002, dir. Michael Apted (1:30:15)

Visually, Slim is above Mitch, and in this scene, while Mitch is unaware, Slim has power over Mitch.  She has carefully plotted seeds of information to Mitch’s mom, and Mitch unknowingly accepts the fact that Slim had mentioned prior that she would be in a “city” as fact.

I tried to explain that Slim has complete dominance over this scene by the very fact that Mitch is unaware of her presence and her dominance.  Slim’s power lies in the surprise of her attack.

What are your thoughts on my close reading?  Do you agree?  Disagree?  How else can we look at this scene or another scene in Enough?


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