Engineering toys for Young Girls: GoldieBlox

In class, we have been discussing women and technology. GoldieBlox founder Debie Sterling wanted to create new ways to incorporate girls into the world of engineering and developed GoldieBlox, ‘an interactive book series and construction set’ according to this article.
The video is a commercial for the product. It’s a fresh take on toys targeted towards girls. When asked about the commercial, Sterling said:

“The video we made was so ambitious and really hits on this message I wanted to send. We don’t want to bash girls or make them feel ashamed for playing with dolls and playing dress up. I did that when I was little too, but just know there are more options out there for you to explore.”

While I admire Sterling for taking the initiative to create a product like this for young girls, the commercial’s catchy song does seem to criticize young girls who play with ‘dolls or dress up’ by saying that girls would ‘like to use our brains’. It takes a level of imagination and creativity to play dolls or immerse oneself into a fantasy world, however “girly” it may be. This aside, I really loved the commercial and the product. I wish that I had something like this to play with when I was a little girl.

GoldieBlox Crushes Girl Stereotypes With Jaw-Dropping Engineering Toys| abcNews


2 thoughts on “Engineering toys for Young Girls: GoldieBlox

  1. I really enjoyed reading through that and watching the commercial completely. I agree with you, though. The commercial, though catchy and promoting a really great product, does seem to portray negative feelings about girls who are ‘girly’ or like pink toys and dolls. Still, it’s wonderful that such a different toy and take on toys has arrived. I think this is definitely a good way to go about telling girls that it’s OK to do ‘boy things’, like building. Not only that, but it’ll certainly boost their inventiveness (is that a word?)!
    Here’s hoping that the toy will do well, and that everyone who plays with it (girls or boys) find that doing what they like is still acceptable, regardless of their sex.
    Great post, thanks for sharing!

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