Girlfight and Threats to Masculinity

What I love about the movie “Girlfight” is that Diana’s priorities are so refreshingly different from women in other movies.  From the beginning of the film, we know that she is badass, but when she and Adrian become involved, I worried that she would start prioritizing him over boxing and winning.  At the climax of the film, she chooses to box against him in the finals of the tournament and never takes it easy on him.  When she beat him, I assumed Adrian would not be able to live with that.  I thought his masculinity would be so threatened that he would act like a jerk to her to make up for it.  Instead, it is he who goes to her and asks if she is going to break up with him.

I asked myself if the men I know would do the same thing.  Would they be able to handle such a “threat” to their masculinity?  I was reminded of an exchange I had with a guy friend.  I was playing beer pong with a bunch of guys and I was beating them.  I was also enthusiastically rubbing it in their faces that I was playing better than them.  The aforementioned friend, in a somewhat joking tone, told me I should play a little worse if I wanted the other guys to like me.  I responded, “Are you joking?  No way!”  As much as I may be a people pleaser, I take way too much pleasure in beating guys in any kind of competition to sacrifice that for anything.  Plus, playing easy on a guy would offend every feminist bone in my body.  I think there are everyday moments when women subconsciously let men take over or outperform them in order to keep up the status quo.  Girls like Diana in “Girlfight” remind us not to do that.  The reward of being treated like an equal by Adrian is greater to her than the risk of losing him as a lover.


One thought on “Girlfight and Threats to Masculinity

  1. I, too, was deeply impressed by Diana’s no quit attitude. Like you mentioned, the last scene he;d a lot power in it as the two individuals came to a mutual understanding of respect. Neither became greater than the other, but instead were on the same plane willing to put egos aside and make things work. While Diana may be a role model for women to not settle, Adrian serves as a role model for men to keep their pride in check or risk missing out on someone truly special.

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