Marvel Marketing Thor to Women

On Friday, I went to see Thor: The Dark World with my friends. I found it highly entertaining. Today, my friend linked me this video on Facebook.

A user commented on how this video was not funny because women are underrepresented  and considered the “weaker sex”  who are only interested in love (all valid points). She then received several comments telling her to calm down, shut up, calling her several expletives and a feminazi.

It’s possible that Jimmy Kimmel meant it as a satire of rom-coms and marketing directed towards women, or not…Either way, I did not find it funny. Sorry, Jimmy Kimmel, although I doubt my opinion matters to you.


2 thoughts on “Marvel Marketing Thor to Women

  1. I hate when people ask me to calm down; it nullifies one’s arguments. Maybe the beginning of feminism was filled with rage, but the business of putting down any argument that involves gender and women to emotionality…Ah ah.

  2. I find it funny, because the video shows the ridiculous trailer formula for rom-coms. I think Jimmy Kimmel mocks the limited and therefore, inefficient way studios market towards women.

    P.S. I saw Thor on Friday and LOVED it! I recommend it to all!

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