Must read- Why I’m not Here for #whitegirlsrock

A couple days ago this post was written in response to the hashtag “#Whitegirlsrock”. This is in response to the annual event Black Girls Rock that celebrates black women doing great things all over the world. I just wanted to get some opinions flowing about the topic.


One thought on “Must read- Why I’m not Here for #whitegirlsrock

  1. Oh my god, yes! I’m actually so sick of hearing (white) people complain about how we don’t have a “White Girls Rock” or a “White Entertainment Television Awards” or a “White Affinity Club.” The reason we have things like Black Girls Rock or affinity groups for people of color is to give a voice, space, and recognition to people who have, historically, been denied such things. To say that it’s “reverse racism” that white people don’t have these things is just another way of them asserting their entitlement and privilege. If it’s not about them, oh no the whole world is going to burn. I like the author’s question, “Why must everything be about us?” Because if it’s not, white people (and just people in positions of power and privilege) immediately feel threatened or something (that’s just my opinion on why; I’m sure someone has done a study about why white people always try to make it about themselves).

    If having things like Black Girls Rock makes white people uncomfortable, then good. People of color have been feeling uncomfortable for too long, so welcome to our world. (not that every person of color is oppressed in the same way, but I think you can catch my drift).

    Thanks for sharing to the other post. It was a great read!

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