Why Girls Are So Mean

“Two professors of zoology at the University of Cambridge say that females use passive-aggressive tactics to solve problems with their sexual competition.”

According to the research and the video, the study explored a variety of different species and found that females use indirect tactics to thin out sexual competition. It determined that females evolved to use a lower risk form of aggression and formed small, exclusionary groups (i.e.: cliques).

The video also explores the differences between male and female tactics.  While male tactics are more directly aggressive with their sexual competitions (i.e.: males are more likely to resort to killing), the female tactics are more passive aggressive and generally involve a social exclusion.  Thus, the indirect tactics allows for coexistence of the two female species and reduces the chance of direct aggression.

The video also notes that the male species is expendable; however the female species is not, as the females are required in order to produce more offspring.

Do the indirect tactics then result from an acknowledgement of a need to preserve the female species?  Are these biological traits then unavoidably a part of our social attitudes?

How do you react to this information?  Are you more inclined to view gender as a social construct or a biological construct?  What are your thoughts on the study?  How much are female humans separate, or not separate, from other female species?

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