Now hiring…

This sign is taped to the window of an ice cream shop near Boston. After seeing it, my mind was racing with thoughts of “male or female” versus “men or women”, gender expression, and why this kind of caption is even necessary.



3 thoughts on “Now hiring…

  1. I feel like this sign is very intentional and whoever made it is trying to let the world know that they are not sexist/not making the decision based on gender identity, but are completely ignoring/excluding/erasing people who do not fit within the normative gender binary and don’t even know that that is a problem.

  2. First off, it seems so unnecessary and offensive to go out of the way and say, yes we’ll hire both males and females… I agree with Rhana, that the shop-owners are most-likely trying to come across as accepting and tolerant, but really, in their acknowledgment of only two gender identities, they’re discriminating against any person who identifies otherwise. It’s ironic in this case and also unfortunate, but true in many instances of discrimination, in which those acting in a discriminatory way are completely oblivious.

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