Advertising in Reverse Pt. 2

Bouncing back from my “Advertising in Reverse” post, I present another reversal in the modeling industry. This Yahoo article presents Elliot Sailors. A 31 year old model who decided to switch things up a bit after receiving fewer and fewer casting calls for female modeling. In response to the lack of work, Sailors”cut off her hair, ditched the makeup and made use of her strong jawline to become a “male” model”.

(Instagram/Elliott Sailors)

 Sailors in her male modeling shoot

The most interesting part of this story, for me at least, lays more in the title than the actual story itself. The Yahoo article is entitled; “Lady looks like a dude: Female model goes male to get more jobs.” That beginning line is clearly meant to cause some sort of shock value as the reader does a double take in order to understand the contradiction the writer presents. When the reader actually reads the article, he/she will find that it’s actually not that big of a deal. In fact, it’s actually quite cool. Sailors by no means turns her back on herself as she refuses to let gender completely define her being. Unfortunately, it seems that other people are not so kind (look at articles below).

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