How to Cure a Feminist Part 2

Upon reading the post, “oh no: Maxim’s “Cure a Feminist”” I was extremely outraged. The title and the images spoke for themselves in terms of the message this article was trying to send. I think that it perpetuates this skewed image of a feminist. It equates women who want agency for themselves and who decide to challenge the culturally constructed notions of what defines a women to “an unshaven, militant, protesting vegan”. This document also takes the agency away from the woman and puts it back in the hands the man. This is basically dismissing the feminist movement as something that makes women much less appealing to men. Misogyny, control, and violence are implied all throughout this article. I wanted to find out more about the article, such as who was the author? And, was this meant to be a critique on certain perceptions of feminist?

I did not find the answer to my questions but I did stumble upon a video which, I assume, was inspired by this article.

The woman in the video, Kait Rokowski, does a great job in pointing out everything that is fucked up about the article. She begins with the same rage I felt when I was reading the article. Even though she uses the same language used in the article, it is obvious that her mode of attack is satire. And then the tone of her spoken word performance shifts to a somber tone. The tone shift comes when she speaks more directly about the violence towards women that is embedded in the ideas perpetuated by the article. This made me feel somber as well because of how often violence towards women is disguised and justified. The burning questions in my mind then became, how do we protect women? How do I protect myself? And how do we know educate our men and our culture to no longer be misogynistic?


One thought on “How to Cure a Feminist Part 2

  1. thanks for expanding on the significance of that single image, i literally could not spend more time with it than how long it took me to find and repost it. seriously disgusting, and it’s from exactly 10 years ago–which is not that long at all.

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