Daddy and Me Documentary

I know this seems like a very long video so if you’d rather skim through it a bit that’s fine. I stumbled upon it and I found it interesting and also necessary for the blog. As has often been said in class in relation to Lacan’s article of the mirror self, the ideology of the self is based off of what we perceive as other. I see this video as the relationship between Girlpower and the power of what is considered femininty through a masculine frame.
Through many different lenses the idea that gay men are some of the only men who embrace their femininity and the women inside them has been conceptualized through their identity performance. One thing Professor Parahm has specifically asked us to question is the outliers of Ideology and I feel that relationships such as these are formed well outside that binary. For, many of these fathers must teach themselves to rethink their selves and their sons and vice versa, this characterizes a transcreated relationship. Transcreated relationships are shaped out of Ideology, they are the foundation of new hyprid relationships, in doing so they deconstruct the gender binary and offer a sub-altern reality for the formation of new communities. In this case it is queer communities of color.


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