oh no: maxim’s “cure a feminist”

Bitch Media on Maxim magazine’s “How To Cure a Feminist”

I don’t really have anything to say about this because I am overwhelmed by how upset it makes me and how many times a day I see people regurgitating the same ideas expressed in this image.


3 thoughts on “oh no: maxim’s “cure a feminist”

  1. Ugh, creepy! My favorite part of the article: “To prove that you’re not part of the dreaded penisocracy, pretend to share her beliefs.” Sexism can be so subtle that I sometimes forget how many blatantly hateful sexist images surround us on the daily. A pretty grim post, but sort of funny too. Thanks!

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  3. http://manboobz.com/ (The site’s trigger warning: “The point of this blog is to expose misogynists and other terrible people by quoting the hateful things they say. It’s not a safe space. You may run across upsetting and possibly triggering things in the posts and in the fairly loosely moderated comments as well.”)

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