Football and Lingerie

My brother recently sent me this video, as a Dallas Texan we usually get really interested in anything related to football, and it seemed to fit the parameters regarding this blog perfectly. The idea of a women’s national football team would in most cases be regarded as a feminist movement yet it also seems that because of the sexaulization of their uniforms it can be argued that this league is completely ant-feminist. Does this not parrallel with the relationship between Girlpower and the standard form of feminism? And what does that say about the agency of the women who decide to participate in this sport?

I would also like to put in perspective the final commentator on this video Jessica Hopkins because of their last remark “Maybe one day, girls won’t have to wear lingerie to get people interested”. This comment lead me to wonder if what she really meant by people was men. Although I won’t deny that women as well as men part take in sports past times, the primary audience for such events are usually male. Not only that but the commercial audience aimed for during such events are usually hetero male as well, as was discussed in class during the showing of the Alias clip.
So how do we contextualize the agency of women football players, who’s uniforms happen to be lingerie, when the very system that empowers them for their physics and sexuality also oppresses them for the same?
As for the issue of the youth league, it’s very interesting to note that the group is catering around Paris Jackson to be their spokes model. It sparks my curiosity to imagine a world where a young girl celebrity would not be oversexualized for the sake of a product, the product in this case is viewer ratings. Thoughts?


2 thoughts on “Football and Lingerie

  1. I think this video brings up many important conflicts that you have brought up in your post. I think that the Lingerie Football League could be part of the feminist movement if the emphasis was not on the “sexiness” of these women but rather on their choice to showcase their bodies regardless of their shapes. The newscaster even introduces these women as “using their sex appeal to attract fans” but I’m not sure if this statement was approved by the league or if it was just some stereotype assigned to the league. I also think it is interesting to think of the attire of gymnast. These girls are dressed in tight leotards that I think could be read as equally problematic as if the girls were wearing lingerie. In all honestly, the leotards leave nothing to the imagination. But I think the counter-argument would say that leotards are more practical for gymnast in terms of flexibility and support and that lingerie is extremely impractical for football and thus there most be another motive.

  2. Wow, this is very interesting, thanks for posting this. Lingerie football is definitely a term that’s new to me. I read somewhere that prior to 2013, the lingerie players wore garters, bras, and panties, meaning the current “lingerie” part of lingerie football draws from a sexualized past. The players now have more legitimate gear, but they kept their lingerie bottoms. Why is that? The lingerie definitely isn’t practical for the sport. In my opinion, the lingerie greatly retracts from what could have been an important piece of the feminist movement.

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